Life Is Strange-style interactionsText Mesh Pro integrationSorting 3D characters in 2D scenes2D Mirror/Water reflections (Shader and script by Hedgefield)Spine IntegrationKinematic Character Controller integrationFirst-person crouchingGeneralCancel Interaction MenusAdding image effectsCustom trigger (triggers one actionlist when entering and another when exiting)Randomize speech audio (Random Syllables)Use items on an AC CharacterRunning Animations when game is pausedScrolling text and Scrolling text audio.IntegrationsRewired integrationCNControls Integration (Virtual Joystick)Unity analytics Integration (AC Action)FinalIK Interactions Integration (AC Action)Rogo Lipsync (No audio) 01 - Play ActionRogo Lipsync (No audio) 02 - Stop ActionRogo Lipsync (No audio) 03 - Set Emotion Action