2D Mirror/Water reflections (Shader and script by Hedgefield)Action Check LanguageAdding image effects
Adventure Creator WikiaAnima2D and sorting mapsArticy:Draft sample integration
Auto-assign custom speech audioAvoid player stuck in colliders. Examples.CNControls Integration (Virtual Joystick)
Cancel Interaction MenusCombining PointAndClick with Direct Movement MethodsCustom Action - Variable: MultiBoolCheck
Custom Actions - Part 1Custom Tokens ExampleCustom trigger (triggers one actionlist when entering and another when exiting)
FinalIK Interaction Resume (AC Action)FinalIK Interactions Integration (AC Action)FinalIK head-turning
FinalIK integration - (manage) Limbs ActionFinalIK integration - (set and adjust) Body Effector ActionFirst-person crouching
Frame-flipping for Sprites Unity Complex charactersGlobal TimerLife Is Strange-style interactions
Limiting a Hotspot to multiple camerasLock unlock cursor based on active UIManage Video Player Action
Mobile joystick exampleMulti Sprite Fader (Script+CustomAction)Multiple IFs. Chained Variable:Check examples.
Override inventory clicksPer-language MenusPost processing depth of field
Posting GuidelinesPrerendered videos as backdrop during cutscenes or general gameplayProximity-based Interaction menus
Psai Music Engine Integration (Action)Randomize speech audio (Random Syllables)Referencing last used hotspot
RememberParticle scriptReturn PickUps to original positionRewired integration
Rogo Lipsync (No audio) 01 - Play ActionRogo Lipsync (No audio) 02 - Stop ActionRogo Lipsync (No audio) 03 - Set Emotion Action
Running Animations when game is pausedScrolling text and Scrolling text audio.Shifting inventory with drag-and-drop
Simple Global TimerSimultaneous Hotspot labelsSpine Integration
Super Text Mesh subtitle integrationText Mesh Pro integrationUI Text labels - custom Action
Unity analytics Integration (AC Action)Unlock Steam Achievement (AC Action)Use Cameras as Markers
Use items on an AC CharacterUsing AC actions through scriptingUsing PlayMaker to control the Player
Wait a random time within an specified time range (Action)
File:Adventure Creator TrailerFile:EsOMfS2.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:MultiBoolCheck.pngFile:MultiBoolCheck2.pngFile:Tumblr loywgiNSG11r0x3yao1 500.jpg
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wiki Header.jpg

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