2D Mirror/Water reflections (Shader and script by Hedgefield)Action Check LanguageAdding image effects
Adventure Creator WikiaAnima2D and sorting mapsArticy:Draft sample integration
Auto-assign custom speech audioAvoid player stuck in colliders. Examples.CNControls Integration (Virtual Joystick)
Cancel Interaction MenusCustom Action - Variable: MultiBoolCheckCustom Actions - Part 1
Custom Tokens ExampleCustom trigger (triggers one actionlist when entering and another when exiting)FinalIK Interaction Resume (AC Action)
FinalIK Interactions Integration (AC Action)FinalIK integration - (manage) Limbs ActionFinalIK integration - (set and adjust) Body Effector Action
First-person crouchingFrame-flipping for Sprites Unity Complex charactersGlobal Timer
Limiting a Hotspot to multiple camerasLock unlock cursor based on active UIManage Video Player Action
Mobile joystick exampleMulti Sprite Fader (Script+CustomAction)Multiple IFs. Chained Variable:Check examples.
Override inventory clicksPer-language MenusPost processing depth of field
Posting GuidelinesPrerendered videos as backdrop during cutscenes or general gameplayPsai Music Engine Integration (Action)
Randomize speech audio (Random Syllables)Referencing last used hotspotRememberParticle script
Return PickUps to original positionRewired integrationRogo Lipsync (No audio) 01 - Play Action
Rogo Lipsync (No audio) 02 - Stop ActionRogo Lipsync (No audio) 03 - Set Emotion ActionRunning Animations when game is paused
Scrolling text and Scrolling text audio.Shifting inventory with drag-and-dropSimple Global Timer
Spine IntegrationSuper Text Mesh subtitle integrationText Mesh Pro integration
Unity analytics Integration (AC Action)Unlock Steam Achievement (AC Action)Use Cameras as Markers
Use items on an AC CharacterUsing AC actions through scriptingUsing PlayMaker to control the Player
Wait a random time within an specified time range (Action)
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File:MultiBoolCheck2.pngFile:Tumblr loywgiNSG11r0x3yao1 500.jpgFile:Wiki.png
File:Wiki Header.jpg

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