using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

namespace AC
		[RequireComponent (typeof (ParticleSystem))]
		public class RememberParticle : Remember
				public override string SaveData ()
						ParticleData particleData = new ParticleData ();
						particleData.isOn = GetComponent <ParticleSystem> ().isPlaying;
						particleData.objectID = constantID;

						return Serializer.SaveScriptData <ParticleData> (particleData);

				public override void LoadData (string stringData)
						ParticleData data = Serializer.LoadScriptData <ParticleData> (stringData);
						if (data == null) return;
						if(data.isOn) GetComponent <ParticleSystem> ().Play();


		public class ParticleData : RememberData
				public bool isOn;
				public ParticleData () { }



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