1. This is a work in progress
  2. You should have already read tutorials for using Adventure Creator and this tutorial assumes you know how all of the fundamental Adventure Creator functionality works.
  3. You need to setup your Spine projects whereby each skeleton represents a different direction for your character.

Part 1 - Setting up scripts Edit

1. Download and import files Edit

Download files from the following Dropbox link and place them in your custom scripts folder.

2. The "Player" Script Edit

a) Set Animation Engine to "Custom"

b) Set Script name to "AnimEngine_Spine"

3. Attach other scripts to your Player Edit

a) Attach the "CharSpine.cs" script

b) Ensure there are 8 directions (use the 'Add Direction' button to add more directions) and set them up in this order: Down, Left, Right, Up, DownLeft, DownRight, UpLeft, UpRight

c) Assign the Skeleton Data fields by dragging and dropping the imported Spine SkeletonData files for each direction/skeleton

d) Set the names for your Idle and Walk animations as per your Spine project. (need to still add Run functionality)

e) Tick the Flip checkbox where you require the skeleton to be flipped (i.e. if you setup 5 skeletons but you flip your Left view for a Right view, tick Flip in the Right direction)

f) Create a new script for your character (i.e. John.cs) and use the "CustomCharacter.cs" file as a template. More instructions on custom character functionality scripts in another section.

Part 2 - Custom Actions Edit

1. Character - Animate (Spine) [for animating Spine characters] Edit

a) Clip: Put name of Spine animation here

b) Layer: Put the layer or 'timeline number' that you'd like this animation to play on. Refer to this paragraph for more information on Spine Timelines -

c) Timescale: Enter timescale value here. The lower the number the slower the animation. The higher the number the faster the animation.

d) At time: If you want an animation to not play from 0 or the start, enter the time which you want it to start playing from

e) Force direction: If you want the character to change directions right before the animation plays. i.e. most of your custom animations will exist on specific directions/skeletons, so you'll want to force that direction first.

f) Loop?: You want it looped or not?

g) Looping times: If looping, how many times should it loop. Set it to 0 for unlimited times.

2. Object - Animate (Spine) [for animating any object with a SkeletonAnimation attached] Edit

a) Skeleton Animation: Drag and drop the object that has the Skeleton Animation component.

b) Clip: Put name of Spine animation here

c) Loop: Do you want it looped or not?

3. Character - Face Direction (Spine) [for getting a Spine character to face a direction] Edit

a) Direction to face: Which direction should the character face?

4. Object - Spine Flip [flip any object with a SkeletonAnimation attached] Edit

a) Skeleton Animation: Drag and drop the object that has the Skeleton Animation component.

b) FlipX: Directly affects the FlipX parameter in the Spine object. Horizontal flipping.

c) FlipY: Same as above but for vertical flipping.

5. Character - Change Character Colour (Spine) [change the entire character's colour] Edit

  • I used this for creating a silhouette effect by colouring the entire character black

a) New Color: select the colour you want to change to.

b) Instant? Or fade?